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Childproofing, or safetyproofing, your home for a toddler, pet or family elder might be one of your most important decisions.  Where some of the obvious tasks, like outlet or cord safety can usually be accomplished by the homeowner in a short period of time, the “hows and whats” to install regarding gate safety, securing top-heavy furniture, and locking cabinets that contain dangerous chemicals or breakables should best be left to a professional.  Did you know that household injuries are one of the major reasons children under the age of 3 visit the ER, and nearly 70% of elders have the highest risk of being injured at home primarily because it’s where they spend the majority of their time?  Your toddler, pet, or elder’s safety is too important to rely on the advice of a hardware store clerk, local handyman, or magazine article.  Home Safe Home Childproofing has been “Dedicated to the Needs of the Safety Conscious” for over 20 years, and helping to educate families navigate the myriad of safety devices in the industry has been one of our family’s major focus.  Our professional evaluation is complimentary, and we will always be respectful of your time or toddler’s sleep schedule.  Our commitment is to eliminate as many potential hazards around your home, therefore reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.  Please give us a call at 1.800.531.9527 to schedule your home evaluation.

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We offer the experience of knowing which products will work best for your home, as well as identifying potential hazards that your child or loved one frequently visits. Please take a look at the article on CNN about Mike Tyson’s  4 year old daughter, who died suddenly after an accident at home. Using Home Safe Home Childproofing to safety proof your home provides a safer environment. more info


Home Safe Home Childproofing is one of Chicagoland area’s #1 safety proofing, family owned companies since 1992, and one of the premier businesses recognized by the International Association for Child Safety. Safety Proofing your home is our #1 concern. No safety proofing job is too small, or challenge too great to tackle. We specialize in child safety proofing, safety proofing for elders, &  safety proofing for pets. We are your source for Gift Certificates for any occasion.

Home Safe Home Childproofing understands that you can get overwhelmed as a parent on how to childproof your home, we understand if you have a loved one that needs safety proofing that you don’t want seem like you are intruding on them in their home. We take care in providing sensitive top professional service to what ever situation you have in your family. We are hear to help, listen  and meet your needs. We have been child/safetyproofing homes since 1992 so we have the experience you need.