Do It Yourself Childproofing . . . Is it worth the risk?

Do It Yourself Childproofing . . . Is it worth the risk?

Proper “childproofing” of your home is an ongoing process. To do it right, you must put yourself in the mindset of a toddler, and crawl around the house challenging anything and everything that might be curious or entertaining. Many of these common everyday items are often overlooked by a parent unfamiliar with their seemingly innocent nature.

We all want to do what’s best for our children and encourage them to explore, but at what cost? As an owner/operator of a professional childproofing service for over 22 years, my commitment is to educate, in addition to protecting our youngest members of the family from harm. Some of the areas discussed my not require childproofing devices to be installed, but rather need just a little extra diligence on the part of the parent, grandparent or caregiver. These “tips” typically include being mindful of the contents of a purse that contains medication, or small and sharp objects that could be disastrous in the hands of a toddler. Removing dish towels casually hung on the handle of an oven door making it easier for a toddler to pull it down and possibly get hit on the head. Adjusting the hot water heater temperature lower to reduce the risk of scalding because the skin of a toddler is thinner than an adult and they are more susceptible to burns sooner. Storing ladders of any size horizontally to lessen the curiosity of a climber, and being aware of the specific dangers of common household plants.

Any committed childproofing company should offer a complimentary consultation. Our educated knowledge of current products and devices remains one of the primary reasons for our long term success. Following our initial walk through, families are provided with a detailed worksheet divided by rooms and suggested devices, often with links or pictures for a spouse to share. Self-installation of the more common devices is always encouraged, leaving the more challenging and time consuming items to a professional.

Home Safe Home Childproofing has been “Dedicated to the Needs of the Safety Conscious” and has given peace of mind to thousands of families since 1992. We pride ourselves in on-time appointments, work around sleep schedules, and clean up after installation.

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