Senior Safety

Many seniors live in homes that have not been equipped for elderly care. This makes injuries more likely, which is unfortunate because it takes people longer to recover as they age. However, there are many safety tips that can help prevent a serious injury.

bumper_coffee-tableLiving Room Safety

Bathroom Safety

Kitchen Safety
The kitchen also needs to be safety proofed.

Safety proofing a home may seem like a daunting task, but it is necessary, and most of the jobs that need to be done are relatively simple but you can trust the more challenging tasks to the  experts at Home Safe Home Childproofing and their Generational Safety Solutions.  With the proper precautions, you can rest assured that your older friend or family member is living in the safest home possible.

We are experts in skid resistant and bumper padding the right area of your home that may be a concern for safety. Especially if this older friend or family member is living with a medical condition that makes them susceptible to frequent falls. We will  walk you through your home and provide you with a checklist of potential hazards, free of charge, as well as give you some safety guidelines that you can do yourself.

Home Safe Home can help you prevent any injury to your older loved one or friend, so give us a call at  1•800•531•9527 or contact us today to discuss your senior safety concerns.